Hello there,

I’m Vernon Henry, the driving force and Principal Mediator at Outcomes For All. My
diverse corporate experience and deep desire to impact lives positively; particularly in
divorce, separation, and family conflicts, underscores my role here.

My Personal Journey into Mediation

Having personally navigated the challenges of my own divorce, I bring a unique
empathy and understanding to the mediation process. This personal insight, combined
with over two decades managing human relationships in the financial sector plus an
MBA, has enriched my approach to mediation. My specialized training in Family
Mediation at York University deepens my expertise in family law and domestic violence,
making me uniquely qualified to support families in conflict.

Areas of Expertise

Family Mediation:

  • Divorce & Separation Mediation: I specialize in guiding families with
  • sensitivity and care through the divorce and separation process.
  • Parenting Plans: Creating child-focused agreements.
  • Child Support: Addressing financial responsibilities post-divorce and
  • separation.
  • Spousal Support: Ensuring fair financial agreements post-separation.
  • Equalization: Facilitating equitable asset and debt division.
  • Divorce Coaching: Providing goal oriented emotional and practical
  • support.

Non-Family Disputes:

  • Resolving workplace conflicts.
  • Mediating disputes between condo boards and owners.
  • Navigating commercial terms in separation contexts.

My Mediation Philosophy

I believe in the power of open and respectful communication. In every mediation, I strive
to create an environment where every voice is heard, respected, and valued. My goal is
to bridge differences and work towards comprehensive agreements in the most painless
and cost-effective way, setting the stage for a positive post-separation or divorce future.

Collaboration with Legal Professionals

At Outcomes For All, we navigate the complexities of divorce and separation with a
collaborative spirit. If you have legal experts involved, we warmly invite their
participation and integrate them into the process as needed, always aiming to reduce
conflict and foster progress.

Invitation to Connect

As you consider a partner to guide you through your separation or divorce, Outcomes
For All offers a safe, equitable environment. We proudly affirm and support the LGBTQ+
community and respect all religious beliefs, ensuring that every individual’s journey
towards resolution is met with professionalism, empathy, and a deep understanding of
the unique intricacies involved. In our welcoming space, you can trust that your story
and needs will be handled with the utmost care and respect

Contact Us

For a personalized approach to your unique situation and collaborative steps towards
the best possible outcomes, I invite you to contact us.

Thank you for considering Outcomes For All during this significant phase of your life.

Warm regards,

Vernon Henry